Stoneleigh 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Ground

$5625 USD

Stoneleigh Coffee – Premium 100 Grade A Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Roasted and Ground – Genuine Jamaican Product - Traditional Jamaican Crocus (Burlap) Bag Packed Ideal for Gifting, 8oz & 16oz.

Product Features:
  • BEAUTIFULLY PACKAGED TO ENSURE PERFECT FRESHNESS -  This one pound (16oz) bag of coffee premium roasted and ground blue mountain coffee, recognized for its herbal, floral, and full-bodied flavors are vacuum-packed for freshness and presented in a traditional Jamaican Crocus (burlap) bag that is ideal for gifting.
  • AUTHENTIC 100% JAMAICAN COFFEE GROUNDS - Feel the energizing benefits of a high-end blend of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Grounds and indulge your senses with delicious aromatic coffee. Stoneleigh Coffee Grade A Coffee Premium Roasted & Ground is grown exclusively at elevations of above 5000 ft in Jamaica's Blue Mountains slopes and will provide a powerful cup of flavorsome, full-bodied, rich coffee to gratify the most demanding coffee aficionados!
  • AFFORDABLE & ECONOMICAL GOURMET COFFEE - Stoneleigh Jamaican coffee is the #1 affordable choice when it comes to specialty coffee grounds. Providing you with approximately 50 cups of heavenly coffee, you can indulge in your love for this freshly roasted coffee without worrying about the expense.
  • THE IDEAL GIFT - Premium Roasted and Grounds Coffee are excellent gifts for coffee-obsessed friends and family. Stoneleigh Coffee - Grade A Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Premium Roasted & Ground, vacuum-packed for freshness, luxuriously wrapped in an outer burlap bag, and fairly priced, makes the perfect coffee lover's gift that elevates their coffee drinking experience to the next level! Available in one pound (16) bag of medium roasted and grounds. 

The availability of pure Blue Mountain Coffee is decreasing due to limited farmable land, heightened Jamaican Coffee Board Industry guidelines, and multiple environmental factors that impacted all crops this past year so order quickly before it is too late.


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